NationSwell Summit West


It’s an era of unprecedented change. Among accelerating technological, scientific, and societal changes, we must develop and scale solutions that drive inclusive growth and opportunity for all Americans.

These solutions already exist, but our country’s innovators and leaders must come together to advance them. That’s where NationSwell comes in.

For Summit West, we’ve curated leaders from diverse sectors like impact investing, social enterprise, CSR, innovative + sector-leading nonprofits, technology, media, business-for-good, and philanthropy.

Unlike traditional, theater-style conferences, Summit West will be optimized for shared conversation, connection, collaboration + inspiration. The experience will be highly interactive, with much of the day focused on smaller-format discussions among attendees.

Together, we’ll explore:

MOBILITY: Leaders of all political persuasions espouse “The American Dream.” Hard work should afford the opportunity to rise and bring your family along with you. What concretely can we do to reclaim the American Dream and make it accessible?

OPPORTUNITY: Talent is equally distributed across society—opportunity is not. How can we improve education and entrepreneurship to bridge the opportunity divide?

DYNAMISM: Media pundits have created disparity between the workforces of America’s coasts and “the rest.” How do we ensure that equitable economic development extends to all American communities?



Past Speakers

Chike Aguh
CEO, EveryoneOn

Roy Bahat
Head of Bloomberg Beta

Alexandra Suich Bass
US Technology Editor, The Economist

Nicole Bassett
Co-Founder, The Renewal Workshop

DeVone Boggan
Founder & CEO, Advance Peace

Nellie Bowles
Reporter, The New York Times

Emily Cherniack
Founder, New Politics

Karan Chopra
Partner & Co-Founder, Opportunity @ Work

Hannah Dehradunwala
Co-Founder & CEO, Transfernation

Aimée Eubanks Davis
Founder & CEO, Braven

John Duong
Managing Director, Lumina Impact Ventures, Lumina Foundation

Claudine Emeott
Director of Impact Investing, Salesforce

Jacquelline Fuller

Jacqueline Martinez Garcel
CEO, Latino Community Foundation

Haley Cohen Gilliland
US West Coast Correspondent, The Economist

Jana Hartline
Advanced Technology Vehicle Marketing Manager, Toyota

Alex Lofton
Co-Founder, Landed

Daniel Lurie
CEO, Tipping Point Community

Jamie Merisotis
President & CEO, Lumina Foundation

Felix Ortiz
Founder & CEO, Viridis Learning

Bill Peduto
Mayor of Pittsburgh, PA

Richard Reeves
Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution; Author, “Dream Hoarders”

Allison Dulin Salisbury
President, Entangled Studios

Mary Snapp
Corporate Vice President & Lead for Microsoft Philanthropies

Katy Steinmetz
San Francisco Bureau Chief, Time Magazine

Topher White
Founder & CEO, Rainforest Connection


9:00am: Registration and Breakfast 🥐

9:30am: Welcome Remarks 👋

9:45am: PANEL: Talent for the New Economy 💱
featuring Jamie Merisotis (Lumina Foundation) and Nellie Bowles (NYT)
The global economic landscape is shifting beneath our feet. What are the biggest trends and changes impacting the workforce? How can America develop the talent necessary to remain competitive in this new economy, while also ensuring prosperity is shared across economic classes?

10:25am: Impact Spotlight and Signature Conversations Introduction
featuring Mary Snapp (Microsoft Philanthropies)

10:30am: Signature Conversations 👥

11:10am: Morning Break ☕

11:30am: PANEL: Vehicles of Change: Toward a Sustainable Future 🌳
featuring Nicole Bassett (The Renewal Workshop), Hannah Dehradunwala (Transfernation),Topher White (Rainforest Connection), and Jana Hartline (Toyota)
The impact of climate change has already arrived. While much of the public discourse tends to focus on policy solutions, the most promising solutions are actually driven by pioneers and innovators in the green economy. Alongside three entrepreneurs, we’ll ask what big ideas hold the potential to reduce CO2 emissions while also spurring economic dynamism and growth?

12:00pm: PANEL: American Revitalization: Local Solutions 🏛
featuring Daniel Lurie (Tipping Point Community), Bill Peduto (Mayor of Pittsburgh), and Alexandra Suich Bass (The Economist)
Despite a sense of national division, zooming in on the local level provides a different narrative about the direction of our communities and, collectively, the country. Pittsburgh in particular stands out as a shining example of a turnaround city. What can major metropolitan cities like San Francisco learn from places like Pittsburgh? How can cities of all shapes and sizes more effectively share best practices?

12:30pm: Networking and Lunch 🍽

1:30pm: PANEL: Advancing Opportunity and Inclusive Prosperity 💼
featuring Jacquelline Fuller (, Aimée Eubanks Davis (Braven), and Karan Chopra ([email protected])
The job market is changing before our eyes. How can we help job seekers—particularly from disadvantaged communities—gain the skills they need for the jobs of the future and find relevant positions? What is the role of businesses in ensuring opportunities are inclusive through hiring, retention, and professional development?

2:00pm: Signature Conversations 👥
* Making Social Capital Available and Accessible for All
* The Coming Post-Secondary Education Revolution
* The Power of Finance: Impact Investing 2.0 and Capital for Good
* The Power and Possibility of Diversity and Inclusion
* Entrepreneurship Across America
* Womb to Work: Preparing our Kids for the Future

2:50pm: PANEL: AI and the Future of Shared Opportunity 🧠
featuring Roy Bahat (Bloomberg Beta) and Allison Dulin Salisbury (Entangled Studios)
We live in an age of massive disruption. The new frontier of artificial intelligence looms as a potential tsunami that could completely change how we live and work. What are the key questions we should be asking ourselves and challenges for which we should be preparing? How can we ensure that the unprecedented power of these emerging technologies are harnessed for good and used to expand opportunity?

3:15pm: PANEL: Leveraging Capital for Impact 💰
featuring John Duong (Lumina Foundation), Felix Ortiz (Veridis), Claudine Emeott (Salesforce), and Haley Cohen Gilliland (The Economist)
The emergence of the impact investing field creates exciting possibilities for businesses and foundations to leverage their capital in new ways to advance social and environmental outcomes. How can these investments be structured more effectively? What’s the unique role and opportunity for a foundation in the space? How can leaders, practitioners, and entrepreneurs collaborate to optimize impact?

3:50pm: KEYNOTE: Restoring the American Dream 🇺🇸
featuring Richard Reeves (Brookings Institution) and Katy Steinmetz (Time Magazine)
The American Dream—the idea that where someone begins doesn’t dictate where they end—is central to our national narrative. Yet, what does social mobility really look like in America today? What are the biggest barriers and most effective interventions to help people earning lower incomes develop social capital and economic opportunity?

4:30pm: Closing Reception 🥂

Agenda is subject to change

When & Where

Thursday, May 10, 2018
9:00am -6:00pm

511 Harrison Street
San Francisco, CA 94105


Sample Attendees

Jay Banfield
Chief Officer of Innovation & Scale, Year Up

Leah Bernthal
Founder, #CityofAngels

Bridget Burns
Executive Director, University Innovation Alliance

Jean-Claude Brizard
Senior Fellow, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Sam Chaudhary
Co-Founder & CEO, ClassDojo

Madeline Di Nonno
CEO, Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media

Steve Grove
Director, Google News Lab

Mehdi Jamei
Executive Director, Bayes Impact

Milicent Johnson
Planning Commissioner, City & County of San Francisco

Ansaf Kareem
Partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners

Sarah Koch
VP of Social Innovation, The Case Foundation

Amy Low
Managing Director of Communications, Emerson Collective

Elisabeth Mason
Founding Director, Stanford Poverty & Technology Lab

Ali Noorani
Executive Director, National Immigration Forum

Tess Posner
Executive Director, AI4All

John Rogers
Partner, The Rise Fund

Lissa Seem
Partner, McKinsey & Company

Carmita Semaan
Founder & President, Surge Institute

Premal Shah
Co-Founder & President, Kiva

Lorna Smith
CEO, Horizons National

Matt Spence
Managing Director, Guggenheim Partners

Chris Thomas
Chief Innovation Officer, The Sierra Club

Tabreez Verjee
Partner, Uprising

Paul Yoo
CEO, This Bar Saves Lives



What should I wear?
We invite you to dress in business smart attire.

What if I have a dietary restriction?
No problem – you’ll be able to let us know when register. If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

How can I volunteer?
If you or someone you know would like to volunteer at the Summit, please email [email protected].

How can I recommend a speaker?
We welcome speaker recommendations for the Summit and other upcoming NationSwell events. Please email [email protected] with suggestions.

How do I get there?
Terra is conveniently located in the SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco. Click here for directions.