Creating human connections despite
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  • Research and insights
  • Bespoke strategy
  • Visual design
  • Video production
  • Targeting and distribution

The Need

Einhorn Collaborative supports work that advances the science and practice of empathy, mutual understanding and relationship building in order to address America’s growing crisis of connection. They engaged NationSwell to collaborate with the team at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, who develop research about the science of compassion, to help them translate scientific methods for bridging divides into inspiring digital content.

After spending a year developing a playbook for bridging psychological divides using the science of our brains, GGSC had decided to share their work in a content campaign.  Aimed at the leaders and organizations who need to create understanding across group lines (e.g. teachers, physicians), the campaign needed to arm those people with the tools to bridge differences in their communities and create mutual affinities across diverse people and needs.

The Action

NationSwell designed a digital engagement strategy and storytelling campaign to bring their research playbook to life.

Our biggest barrier was tone: Most people don’t like to be told that they’re doing something wrong, and audiences are increasingly intolerant of being told they need to change.  After an in-depth research phase and the development of target personas, we landed on a storytelling campaign that relied on a “Trojan Horse” approach:
Audiences would watch fun content, unaware that they were actually watching a lesson in empathy and tolerance.

We created six separate videos, showcasing six different scientifically proven methods of fostering greater empathy, including moral reframing and active listening.  The irreverent and inclusive designs and stories allowed us to feel relevant to a wider audience.

The Impact

6 Techniques

Six scientific methods to create empathy and connection between people were brought to life.

4.34 million+

Since the campaign’s launch at the end of 2019, the on-going campaign has garnered 4.34 million impressions.

Targeted distribution

Digestible content was put directly in the hands of community leaders, or “bridge builders”, across America.

“Best Dinner Guest”

Storyboard panel

“Best Dinner Guest”

Storyboard panel

What Bad Party Guests Can Teach Us About Divisions

Technique: Active Listening

De-Stressing From Social Media Is Easier Than You Think

Technique: Mindfulness

How To Shift From Hostility to Empathy in Political Conversations

Technique: Moral Reframing

If Democracy Had a Sound, It Would Be Jazz

Technique: Common Goals

Cats, Anyone? Finding What We Have in Common When Ideology Divides Us

Technique: Shared Identity

Science Found a Way to Use Broccoli and Carrots to Stop Prejudice

Technique: Focus on Individuality

What Clients Say

At every step of the project, I was impressed by the team’s passion, thoughtfulness, and creativity. They handled some complicated topics with tremendous care and sensitivity. They were always committed to getting it right…And that’s all reflected in the finished products, which are smart, playful, visually engaging, and emotionally resonant.

Jason Marsh
Executive Director
Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley

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