Actor Woody Harrelson is serious about environmental activism. That’s why he co-founded Prairie Paper Ventures 15 years ago to help prove that super-white paper is possible without destroying trees. His paper is made with wheat and crop leftovers, stuff that wasn’t being used for anything else. While tree-free paper has been around for years, it had a reputation for being dingy in color and for jamming up printers. Not anymore. Prairie has figured out how to make tree-free paper that is just as white and works just as well in printers as tree-fiber paper. And, they’re selling it at Staples in Canada for about the same as you’d pay for your usual ream–$8.00. With more businesses making sure that their bottom line is sustainable as well as profitable, Prairie’s example is one to follow of meeting emerging customer needs. “Just know that two boxes of this paper saves one tree, so you can make a very real difference,” Harrelson says.