Across this country, millions of people do not have money for food or a home.
While both hunger and homelessness are problems that won’t soon go away, a group of homeless people had their bellies and their hearts filled for a day, thanks to 21-year-old YouTube star DJ Sennett.
Sennett, the creator of popular YouTube channel Public Prank, didn’t just hand out cold cut sandwiches. He went the extra mile of dressing up as a waiter and presenting hearty meals like chicken with green beans on a silver platter. The most touching moment? After DJ presents a chicken dinner to a man down on his luck, the man responds, “I used to eat like this. This will get me through the day.”
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The vlogger — better known for sillier fare such as drinking Windex and scaring the bejesus out of a friend Paranormal Activity-style — has quite the following (more than 500,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel) and receives hundreds of thousands if not millions of views for each of his uploads. And now, as Sennett told Good Morning America, he’s turned over a new leaf and plans to use his clout for good.
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“When I started the channel in high school it was just kind of messing around doing stupid stuff, but it’s turned into something now where I realize I have an audience and I have a voice with it,” Sennett told GMA. “This one has led me to realize I can do something more with it than just be silly on camera.”
“It’s inspired me to come up with creative things that are not only funny to people but that have a message behind them,” he added.
By the looks of his most recent work, it appears he’s off to an amazing start.