Many teachers are inspirations to their students, but it’s not every day that one truly saves a life. When Jen Sculley, a physical education teacher at Denver’s East High School, heard that one of her students was suffering from kidney disease, she immediately knew she wanted to help. “As she was telling me, this very clear voice said, ‘You’re going to give her a kidney,’” Sculley told Denver’s CBS4. Luckily, Sculley was a perfect match, and not just medically. Sculley says that the student in need — who wishes to remain anonymous — shared a name with her beloved aunt, who had passed away from cancer a year ago. She feels that her kidney donation was simply meant to be. “Through her I get to pass on the memory of my aunt, and that’s amazing.” The transplant took place on January 15, and Sculley will be on one month of medical leave before returning to school, minus a kidney, but with a heart full of kindness.
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