After a severe 80 mph storm ripped through Kent County in western Michigan earlier this month, a trail of fallen trees and crushed homes were left in its wake.
But here’s proof that every storm cloud has a silver lining. As FOX17 reports, a band of concerned community members — many who were once perfect strangers — came together in this time of need.
After setting up a Facebook page, “The Helping Hands ~ Kent County Residents Helping Those in Need,” the group organized clean-up events and has also gone door-to-door asking affected residents if they need any help with clearing the destruction.
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“That was so amazing that all these people came out to help my parents. My dad is beside himself, had recently suffered from a heart attack only a month ago,” Kent County resident Kristina Lucas said on Facebook. “I see how distraught he is wanting to help, or just the look on his face seeing his beautiful landscaping he spent so many hours all summer long just turn to shreds from the damage of the recent tornado. I can’t thank you guys enough for everything everyone has done to help.”
But perhaps the best news, according to FOX17, is that the group feels so inspired by helping others that they hope to continue doing good deeds even after the cleanup is finished.
If you also want to participate in west Michigan’s storm relief, you can text HELPWM to 36729. With storm season underway in many parts of the country, the more helping hands, the better.
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