Imagine the utter and complete elation you’d feel if you learned that your life’s work was deemed a success. Would you jump up and down? Shriek and holler? Or simply be so shocked by the news that you couldn’t even respond?
In a truly heartwarming video released by Stanford University, you can see the school’s own Andrei Linde (aka “the founding father of inflation”) being told his theory on the rapid expansion of the universe has been proven correct.
Since 1983, Linde has championed his “chaotic inflation” theory which describes what happened immediately after the Big Bang and how the universe expanded mind-blowingly fast in a fraction of a second. His theory had been unconfirmed for three decades — until now.
In this week’s groundbreaking science news, a team of astronomers from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics very likely proved Linde’s theory correct with their discovery of the “smoking gun” of the Big Bang. After staring at a patch of sky from a South Pole telescope for three years, the scientists were able to detect the gravitational waves of this inflation that literally happened at the dawn of time.
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Stanford Assistant professor Chao-Lin Kuo, who has supported the renowned Russian physicist’s work, helped deliver the news Linde in the video above.
You can see the pure joy and disbelief on Linde and his wife Renata Kallosh’s face. They even break out a bottle of bubbly to celebrate. Linde told Stanford he couldn’t be happier about the validation of his life’s work: “This is something I have been hoping to see for 30 years.”