Bridging the Opportunity Divide

The Sneaker Saint

September 19, 2016
The Sneaker Saint
Sean Ryon
In Hav a Sole's pop-up shops, the homeless and children living in poverty can pick out a free pair of designer shoes.

The sneaker business has never been bigger than it is today. Since 2004, sales of high-end athletic shoes increased by 40 percent to nearly $55 billion, and the resale market generates more than $1 billion. Now, one former sneakerhead hopes to put a little soul back in the soles of homeless people and disadvantaged youth by gifting them a brand new or gently worn pair.

Watch the video above to see how Rikki Mendias, founder of the grassroots nonprofit Hav a Sole, uses his background in fashion photography and social media marketing to solicit sneaker donations to stock pop-up shops for his unique patrons.

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