Wisconsin’s Two Rivers School District will keep the services of their┬ásuperintendent for absolutely no money at all. According to the Associated Press, school official Randy Fredrikson has given up his entire $170,000 salary and benefits for the school year.
Instead, the 58-year-old grandfather will be working for free as a thank you to the district that employed him and his wife for 26 years. “I came to Two Rivers and I thought, ‘Oh, I’ll be here three to five years,’ and here we are,” he told the AP. “It was good for our family, certainly the school board always treated me well. It just worked out. I thought, well, I can do this in return.”
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Fredrikson won’t be receiving health or dental insurance, but since he’s officially retired, he’ll be getting state pension. He’ll also keep his $3,270 stipend as the varsity boys basketball coach. Fredrikson’s move to forgo his salary — believed to be a first in the state — was not intended to draw attention. As School Board President Bob Bergeon told the AP, “He kind of quietly just goes about and does a lot of charitable things, noble things, and nobody knows about it.” Well, we certainly noticed and, hopefully, others will too.