The radiator isn’t exactly a paragon of energy efficiency. It’s been around for more than two centuries, and for nearly all of that time, people have been opening their windows in the middle of winter to combat overheating and avoid swimming in sweaty sheets. So to solve the problem, a technology company is hooking up a radiator cover to wifi to control temperature shifts more efficiently and make sure those windows stay firmly closed.
The Cozy, as the device is called, fits over the radiator and uses fans to regulate the temperature inside a room, blowing hot air when it’s needed and shutting off when it’s not. People can even use a smartphone to set their preferred temperature.
Radiator Labs, the company behind the Cozy, has installed the devices on 250 radiators at Columbia and NYU for whole-building beta testing. They estimate that each steam radiator wastes an average of 20 gallons of oil a year, with 30 percent of its heat wasted. In cities like New York with thousands of buildings that use old-school radiators to heat buildings, 20 gallons per radiator really adds up.
The company is currently raising money to start production on the Cozy. You can support their Kickstarter project by clicking here (and be sure to check out their video, too!)