Plastic bags are getting banned from cities left and right, but a group of women from Grand Rapids, Mich., are putting these environmental menaces to good use — to help disaster relief in Haiti. As Fox17 reports, the Michigan women regularly meet at their local YMCA to create plastic yarn that they weave into mats that people in Haiti can use to work, sit or sleep on.
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Haiti is still in recovery four years after a devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Port-au-Prince. Three million people were affected by the quake and many still do not have a roof over their heads. Every little bit of aid helps, and as group member Judy Major told FOX17, the effort takes zero money — all it takes is time. “The whole idea,” she said, “is to take our man-made resource that we see as waste and turn it into something useful to somebody else to make their lives better.”
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