Philadelphia’s award-winning Science Leadership Academy is making a big switch: from $1,500 Mac laptops to the $300 Chromebook 11. The new, inexpensive laptops run on Google’s Chrome operating system, support web applications, and store user information in the cloud rather than locally. The education market still favors Macs, but SLA’s principal, Christopher Lehmann, points out that the Chromebooks can make a long-time dream of ed-tech proponents — the 1-to-1 model where schools have a device for every student  — come true. Dell is helping to fund the computers for the school’s two campuses, and will help SLA to create a “center of excellence” to promote the school’s inquiry-driven and project-based approach to learning. Check out the video by Lehmann to learn about the school’s vision for using Chromebooks to enable students to create their own learning experiences.