Solar energy is now greener than ever thanks to an incredible breakthrough from Oregon State University researchers.
According to Clean Technica, the research team figured out a way capture the sun’s energy to produce materials used in solar technology. It’s solar-powered solar, if you will.
Chemical engineering professor Chih-Hung Chang, the lead author of the study, said the process is not only environmentally conscious but saves both time and money in solar manufacturing, too. “Several aspects of this system should continue to reduce the cost of solar energy, and when widely used, our carbon footprint,” Chang said. “It could produce solar energy materials anywhere there’s an adequate solar resource, and in this chemical manufacturing process, there would be zero energy impact.”
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You can learn more about the specific process in this release from Oregon State. It notes that this technology could enable builders to capture more solar energy by coating roof shingles and windows with thin films that previously have not been available at an affordable price.
For the country to reduce its unhealthy and unsustainable dependence on fossil fuels, there needs to be a real push to make alternative energy less expensive and more efficient. Perhaps truly bright ideas like this to will help move the country in a more environmentally-friendly direction.