Who says changing the world can’t be fun?
The Oregon Public House in Portland — aka the “world’s first nonprofit pub” — donates 100 percent of profits to charity, the Good News Network reports.
We’re not kidding. Choose whatever food or drink you’d like, then pick which charity you want your dollars to go to from the menu’s revolving list of organizations, such as United Cerebral Palsy, local youth outreach program Braking Cycles and more.
According to The Oregonion, every last penny is donated to the charities. And they’re willing to prove it to you: The establishment keeps their books open to the public to anyone who cares to look.
Yelp reviewers are overwhelmingly positive, praising the restaurant’s friendly atmosphere as well as the “great beer, food and charity menu.”
So how much dough has been raised? This past August, the restaurant posted a photo boasting that an incredible $32,021 has been collected for charity.
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Opening a pub is no easy task — especially one that doesn’t keep any of its profits. The Oregonion described that construction took more than three years and required about $100,000 in fundraising, as well as roughly $150,000 in donated materials and labor.
“It has taken thousands of hours, hundreds of thousands of dollars and hundreds of volunteers to make this what it is,” owner Ryan Saari tells FOX12, adding that the pub opened debt free with the help of its donors and volunteers.
The pub is run by a board made up entirely of volunteers (all of which have full-time jobs) as well as a few full-time employees who work and run the restaurant. “No one. Literally no one is ‘making money’ off this idea or our business,” the pub says. “This is a profit-generating machine for, and only for, the charities we support.”
It’s a ground-breaking model that restaurants chains and corporations should take note of. As the pub says, “We believe this could begin a new wave of business and mission that has the possibility of changing the way we work, spend, and care for our communities.”
Now that’s something to get buzzed about.
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