Even though more and more bike lanes are popping up along our roads, cyclists are entirely exposed when they’re crossing the street. But thanks to a recent proposal from Portland-based urban planner Nick Falbo, our roads may soon be much safer.
Following the model of bike-friendly Dutch roads, Falbo illustrates his vision of a protected intersection in the video above that allows riders to be physically separated from motorists even at crossings. It includes features such as a corner refuge island, a stop bar for bicyclists to yield to pedestrians, increased visibility of bikers for motorists, and allows for shorter distances to pedal across the street. “Take it together, these design elements create a safe, clear experience for all people using the street,” Falbo says in the video.
Biking is great for our cities. It promotes health, reduces traffic congestion, and it’s much better for the environment. But the road can be a dangerous place for bicyclists. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,more than 700 cyclists were killed and 49,000 were injured in traffic on American streets in 2012. Protected intersections could help keep our roads safe and encourage cycling. You can learn more about Falbo’s vision on his website.
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