Elizabeth Penados considers herself the “Patrick Willis of kids.” So it’s only fitting that she invited the San Francisco 49ers defensive star to her birthday party.
The seven-year-old resident of Suisun City, California penned an invite to Willis for her Disney’s “Frozen”-themed birthday party in hopes the athlete would make an appearance, according to Ellen’s Good News.
“Dear Patrick,” the invitation read along with a drawing of she and Willis.  “I am your biggest fan. I am having a birthday party on April 26. It is going to be a Frozen party, and you are invited. I hope you can make it. From Elizabeth.”
The linebacker was unable to attend the party, but was so impressed by the kind invite that he posted the note to his Instagram account. Willis also sent a dozens roses and a card to Penados in his place.
“Happy birthday Elizabeth!” The note reads. “I am sorry I couldn’t make it today but I want to wish you a day full of fun! Thanks for being a great fan, I truly appreciate your support! -Patrick.”
This isn’t the first time Willis has recognized his passionate young fans. The former Pro-Bowl and All-Pro athlete makes a habit of posting little ones donning his jersey across his social media accounts.
As any football fan would agree, reaching out to young supporters is part of what makes this athlete truly great.