New York City has long been the final destination for incoming immigrant families. Today, that population totals over 3 million people, and nearly 35 percent of them lack access to health insurance. Now one married couple is aiming to provide these families with the pediatric care they otherwise can’t afford.
Dynasty Pediatrics is a private practice with an office in Brooklyn’s Kensington neighborhood. Its founders, Dr. Marina Klotsman and her husband, Schmeil, provide affordable healthcare services for the borough’s newly settled immigrants, many of whom lack health insurance. As a result, the Klotsmans often end up waiving co-pays and other medical fees for those families struggling to make ends meet.
“We put a lot of effort, a lot of time, a lot of our own energy into this place,” says Marina. “It’s not even for business; it’s for the feelings we have. We want to help everybody.”
Schmeil agrees, adding, “The money’s not the main subject in this office.”
Dynasty Pediatrics is open Sunday through Friday, with hours late into the evening. The goal is to make it easier for working-class parents — many of whom support family members living outside the US — to bring in their children without disrupting their work schedules. The Klotsmans also help families explore insurance plans as well as local services like NYC’s universal pre-K program.
That sense of duty goes back to the husband-and-wife team’s own journey to the US from Kyrgyzstan. Schmeil left his home country in 1989 during the dissolution of the USSR, a period he remembers as marred by “chaos.” Marina left eight years later, in 1997, to further her medical career. They would eventually meet in Brooklyn through Marina’s uncle and marry soon after.
Learn more about the Klotsmans’ passion for helping others in the video above.