Tim Bryan, the CEO of Detroit software company GalaxE Solutions, is passionate about the good he thinks new immigrants bring to America. After all, his own dad is a Czech immigrant. He’s so keen to reinvigorate Detroit that he thought up the slogan “Outsource to Detroit,” and hung a huge billboard with these words on his company’s downtown office building, hoping to encourage companies to hire workers in Detroit to do jobs they might consider outsourcing overseas. Bryan gives his whole-hearted support to Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s plan to ask the federal government to grant the state 50,000 visas for skilled immigrants who are willing to move to Detroit over the next five years.
Bryan told Khalil AlHajal of MLive Detroit, “I believe that this country prospers when people come from other countries to work here. Our immigration rules need to be revised both on the practical level, based on the fact that we need certain skill sets for our economy to remain competitive, but also the fact that our country was built on the backs of immigrants.” And if those visas come through, Bryan just might put up a billboard to welcome his new workers.
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