It’s not going to be pretty, but the man in this video is going to experience some pretty heavy abuse. His head is shaved. His face is cruelly slapped with black oil. A fistful of cigarettes is forced into his mouth. And the torture doesn’t stop there.
Why would anyone do this to himself? Here’s a hint: This man’s name is “Earth.”
Filmmaker Matthew Palmer put himself through this torture to ask us this simple question: What if we treated a person the same way we treated the earth?
This one-minute clip is a powerful reminder that no one deserves this kind of treatment, especially this beautiful planet we all call home.
It might take a little effort, but we can all do something to help save the environment. For Earth Day 2014, NationSwell asked experts their advice on simple, every day things we can all do to that can really make an impact.
Clearly, we can all make a difference. So what are you going to do?
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