Even though Lilly Diuble is only 11-years-old, it’s pretty easy to see that she’s already made a big difference.
Lilly has a rare genetic condition called Usher syndrome that gradually causes blindness and deafness. In her own words, she wrote, “This condition will probably get worse over my lifetime. I could become blind and deaf. Currently there is no treatment or cure for my disease.”
Despite her diagnosis, this fearless girl from Manchester, Michigan is fighting for people who, like her, also face blindness.
According to the Huffington Post, Lilly has raised more than $85,000 for the Foundation Fighting Blindness since she was in the second grade. She raises funds by taking part in the foundation’s 5K fundraising event, the Vision Walk, and for this year’s event, she has a goal of $20,000. If she completes this goal, it’ll put her total to more than $100,000 — in just five short years.
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Her unwavering spirit has received national attention, and she’s been recognized as one of the top youth volunteers in the country by the 2014 Prudential Spirit of the Community awards.
Lilly might by young but her determination to cure blindness is clear as day.
“I hope for a future filled with sight, something you may take for granted. Each day I struggle with reading, school work, even opening my locker combination, let alone running on the soccer field, BUT I am determined not to let this get me down,” she writes on her Vision Walk page. “I know that even I can make a difference. I am determined to raise money for research because I know…KNOW it will make a difference.”
Help Lilly reach her goal this year by visiting her fundraising page here.
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