In Waukesha, Wisc., Mary Poblocki, Adrianna Alberts, and their friend Megan were turning 10 and knew just how to celebrate. “We don’t really need that much presents,” Mary told Yona Gavino of TMJ4. Instead, the girls asked for donations to the Veterans Employment Alliance (VEA).
Megan had the idea because both of her parents are veterans. Her mom Kathleen is proud of her daughter and her friends. “It tells me that I’m doing the right thing. It tells me that retiring from the service to be a full-time mom was the right decision,” she told Gavino.
CJ Brown of the VEA, a formerly homeless vet, is thankful for the donations that will go toward helping veterans and keeping them off the street. “Well, it’s cold out there,” Brown said. “Many of them get sick. Some of them are dying on the streets.” Admirably, Megan and her friends want to change that.
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