Here’s a sunny way to help veterans. SolarCure is a New Jersey-based public relations and marketing firm that runs an innovative program, Adopt A Solar Panel, encouraging donors to pay for solar panels on the roofs of non-profit organizations such as VFW halls and American Legion posts. The veterans’ organizations get the benefit of reduced energy rates and can even earn some money from the solar panels through Solar Renewable Energy Credits. SolarCure works with veteran-owned companies or companies that employ veterans to install the panels. SolarCure’s CEO, Mike Ferraro, served in the Air Force for 32 years. “When I came back from Vietnam we did not receive a very nice welcome,” Participant Frank Buono, president of Intelligent Business Concepts, said in a statement. “Due to that experience, I am always looking for ways to assist our new veterans. SolarCure is one of those ways.”
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