Bicycling is a great option for an outdoor fitness routine, but even if you’re not training for a long ride or racking up miles on uphill climbs, you can still take part in the practical benefits of riding a bike. A bike commute, for example, helps you reduce your carbon footprint, save on gas money, and turns your commute into a workout, rather than a stressful ride through traffic. Some cyclists, especially commuters, are looking for a little extra boost in their ride, and while a few bikes come with small motors, the FlyKly Smart Wheel is a unique bike addition that has already raised four times as much money as its original Kickstarter goal. It’s designed to fit on almost any bicycle, and the motor, which takes two or three hours to completely charge, kicks in as a rider starts pedaling and cuts out upon stopping. The high-tech side of this product shows up in a mobile app that allows cyclists to lock the motor or track the bike if it gets stolen; it also lets riders set a top speed. It’ll even monitor the wheel and provide alerts when it’s time for maintenance.