Sure, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure — but could one man’s random household items be the next great energy saving product?
Well, Good and Nest teamed up to find the American innovators taking do-it-yourself to the next level with their Home Planet Challenge. The concept is simple: Create a product that optimizes efficiency and diminishes waste out of items that can be found in your household or at a local department store.
After Good and Nest chose their 19 favorites, the public voted for the top five. Here’s a brief look at some of the winning designs.
DIY Air Conditioner
While most home cooling systems can run up into the hundreds of dollars, this air conditioner will only cost you about $15 to make. Constructed of only Styrofoam, a fan, ice and a PVC elbow, this product will cool you off on those hot summer days.
Solar Cooker
This $10 value cooks your meals without cooking the environment. While its components sound like something out of a school project — foil, glue, office clips, poster board and string — it will greatly help reduce electricity consumption.
Stationary Bike Energy Generator
With this invention, users can burn calories and create electricity to charge their phones or power light bulbs at the same time.
So the next time you think about throwing something out, take an extra look to see what gems it could help produce. After all,  it might end up being the next great, energy saving product.
To learn about the other products rounding out the top five, check out click here.
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