A goat farm in idyllic Pescadero, Calif., is making inroads into the home decorating business. Besides goat milk and cheese, Harley Farms Goat Dairy also sells goat milk paint. Really.
Traditional paints you find at hardware stores contain a whole list of unpronounceable ingredients that can be incredibly toxic if they enter the ecosystem. Some canned paints have VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and the fumes can be harmful. FarmPaint, however, is non-toxic, VOC-free and made from stuff you might find in your own home — goat milk, soap, flax seed oil, water, salt. It’s safe for baby nurseries and you can even eat it off the brush, if you like.
The paint comes in nine different colors and leaves a rustic, chalky finish that lasts for years. And because the paint is so farm fresh, it has to be used up in three months or else it will actually curdle. With this paint, you can save the environment until the goats come home.
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