The employees at Granite Telecommunications started their week buzzing about charity — literally.
On a recent Monday, 428 workers at the Quincy, Massachusetts-based company gathered at their corporate headquarters and shaved their heads to fight cancer. Thanks to their very generous CEO and his mother, $2.1 million in proceeds went to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Yahoo! Shine reports.
According to the report, it all started when Chief Executive Officer Rob Hale dared an employee to buzz off his hair in exchange for a $10,000 charitable donation. When more and more workers caught word of the dare, it snowballed into a company-wide effort. Hale then got his mother onboard and together they each promised $5,000 per shaved head. On the day of the big cut, nearly 430 workers —comprised of two-thirds of the men at the company and about 20 women — went under the razor or donated hair to Locks of Love.
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“It speaks to a team that’s caring compassionate, bold, energetic; I hope we are all those things and I think we showed that Monday,” Hale, who lost his father to pancreatic cancer six years ago, said. “The other truth, cancer affects everybody… nearly everybody who was doing was doing it support or to memorialize someone who has fought or is fighting cancer.”