When Amy Wagner was told she had stage 3C ovarian cancer, the news sent shock waves throughout her family. Despite the terminal diagnosis, Wagner remained incredibly positive, going by her motto: Dum vivimus vivamus or, “While we live, let us live.”
In the spirit of making the most of her days, Wagner’s daughter, Lauren Keppel, decided to surprise her mother by organizing a flash mob to show her how much she’s loved. The entire routine and Wagner’s reaction can be seen below. As the description with the video reads, “Amy has been an indelible force in the lives of so many people; as we all bare witness to her pain, I wanted to find a way to remind her how surrounded she is by support. ”
As Today.com reports, when Keppel sent out an email to her friends and family soliciting dancers, replies came pouring in. A total of 50 people — from Utah, to Indiana, to California — agreed to travel to Wheaton, Illinois on May 10 (the day before her Wagner’s birthday) to surprise her with a choreographed dance to “The Best of My Love” by the Emotions.
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The incredible gesture left Wagner speechless. “It is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me,” she told Today. “I just love them all so much. I am really, really blessed.”
How did they pull it off? After Keppel and a friend sent each person a video of the routine, each dancer was responsible for practicing the dance at home.
The effort was all worth it, as Keppel said, “The impact she has had on the people in her life is tremendous and I wanted to be able to show her that in a cumulative, grander way.”