There’s so much to be said about the strength of firefighters. As the Huffington Post reports, a group of first responders saved the life of a Fairfield, Connecticut man who was pinned between his pickup truck and his garage.
According to reports, 86-year-old Franc Us was stuck for two hours in his garage before his cries for help were heard by his neighbors and notified the authorities. An emergency response team of about seven firefighters, paramedics and police showed up.
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As you can see in footage below caught by DoingIT, the team decided that the best way to free the man was by simply lifting the truck with their bare hands — no fancy equipment necessary. The man was taken to the hospital for his injuries and has reportedly been listed in critical condition.
According to a press release from the Fairfield Fire Department, the team contemplated “… multiple options… to free the trapped elderly man, but it was low-tech brute strength teamwork with the assistance of on scene Police officers that helped free the patient.”
Clearly the firefighters’ skills go way beyond putting out hot flames.