We’ve all been there. You know, that time your phone dies in the middle of nowhere and you don’t have a charger. In times like those we all wish we had a portable power source for whenever and wherever we need it. Well, the PowerCube, by Ecosphere Technologies may provide the solution we’ve been waiting for…. and then some.
The process is relatively simple, if not astonishing. At the push of a button, a shipping container-sized cube instantly transforms into a pop-up solar power station that churns out up to 15kW of electricity. It won’t be powering the SuperBowl anytime soon, but it does provide nearly five times the power an average household generates in a single day.
The company spent seven years developing the cube to ensure it packed the biggest electrical punch while remaining self-contained and versatile over land, air or sea. This led to its unique design of panels extending outwards from the structure in all directions; that added surface area helps the cube produce as much as 400 percent more electricity than would be possible with panels solely on top.
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Ecosphere touts the PowerCube’s possibilities to assist in disaster relief, military work and humanitarian efforts abroad, but for many Americans this could also be the first step towards living a life “off the grid,” without a carbon footprint. There’s plenty of space in the container underneath the panel for a school, hospital, home, or really “whatever you can come up with,” explains the company’s director of marketing, Corey McGuire.
With small, mobile and environmentally-conscious prefab homes increasing in popularity, PowerCube provides some interesting new possibilities for alternative living. And, of course, a fully charged phone whenever you need it.