DeVry University, the learning institution you might know from commercials and subway ads, is actually one of the leading feeders to next month’s Olympics. Seriously. According to the New York Times, the institution has 15 students heading to Russia next month to compete in the Winter games. That’s pretty impressive for a school that has no coaches, mascot, stadiums or notable sports teams. In fact, the for-profit school is not far off from the top Winter Olympics feeder, Westminster College in Salt Lake City, which has about 20 students on Team USA.
So what’s the secret? First, DeVry is an official Olympic education provider and offers reduced or waived tuition for classes. Second, because there are about 90 campuses nationwide and tons of online courses, it works especially well for athletes with busy training schedules who also want to pursue higher education. Bobsledder Elana Meyers, 29, is currently studying business administration at DeVry to prepare for life after the Olympics. She told the Times, “Whether I win a gold medal or I finish dead last, come March, I’m going to need to find a job.”
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