Two Solutions: Quartolio + Teens for Food Justice

February 3, 2019
by Kate Dinota and Leslie Leggett
Two Solutions: Quartolio + Teens for Food Justice

Kathy Soll

Teens for Food Justice

Kathy Soll wants everyone to have access to quality, affordable, and healthy food, and believes that empowering young people is the way to achieve that vision.

After a career in editorial and marketing for home furnishings, she learned about local community service requirements for teens through her teenage children, and noticed a lack of service opportunities where students could get truly proximate to social justice issues. She founded Students for Service, an organization that helped over 1,000 teens in NYC connect to service projects, and learned that young people were acutely interested in food insecurity, sustainability, and local food movements.

She launched (and now leads) Teens for Food Justice, which helps public schools across NYC install hydroponic farms. The food produced in these farms not only provides high-quality, healthy lunches for students, but also is dispersed throughout local communities considered “food deserts.” Through a variety of partnerships such as Green Mountain Energy, Whole Foods Market, and the Gloria Estefan Foundation, she helps educate communities on finding and cooking with healthy food and raising their voices through advocacy.

Students exposed to this method of growing will be well-equipped to make a living wage in agricultural jobs of the future. Communities with access to locally-sourced produce can cook healthier meals and improve health outcomes. With Teens for Food Justice, Kathy is supporting communities now and doing her part to help the U.S. catch up to the global movement around urban agriculture.

Nicole Bishop


Nicole Bishop wants to make knowledge more readily accessible to the people who can change the world. As the youngest of eight bookworm siblings, she grew up surrounded by books and developed not only a love for information but also for categorizing it.

A self-taught coder, she launched a digital technology consulting practice in 2001 to help institutions improve their tech systems and strategies. During those fifteen years, Nicole saw room for radical improvement in how information is not only collected but also curated for the individual. She imagined how medical discovery could accelerate if scientists had easy access to the relevant research, clinical trials, and patents happening in their area around the world.

Seeing a better way to operate, Nicole launched Quartolio in 2016, an AI-powered knowledge management platform that gathers insights from millions of scientific documents and datasets and then helps humans connect the dots. Through cross-sector partnerships with R&D institutions, she is building a world where the people who are developing the cures and designing the new tools that will transform our lives have access to the information they need to get one step closer to that discovery.

Nicole is a Camelback Ventures fellow and will soon be launching a Quartolio mobile app that allows users to take photos of their written notes and leverage intelligent taxonomy to pull up relevant resources. She won’t stop until her vision of “human intelligence multiplied by artificial intelligence for lasting impact” is realized.