Four Color Fantasies assistant manager Erik Jones isn’t a superhero. But to the 12 percent of Virginians who lack basic literacy skills, he had an idea heroic enough to make him seem like one.
After giving comics to his niece and nephew when they were kids to try to get them to enjoy reading, Jones went to a comic book convention, sketchbook in hand. He asked his favorite artists to draw sketches for a local charity, Literacy Volunteers Winchester Area. All of them agreed to contribute to the project.
Jones and Literacy Volunteers hope the comics they create might introduce adult readers to literature through image-based storytelling. For them and for other proponents, comics are the perfect medium for non-readers. Many are image heavy and light on text, so visuals might help provide context for what the words are saying.   
The shop is auctioning off the comics at an auction, with the winners to be announced on Comic Book Day (Saturday, May 4).

Watch the video above to learn more about LVWA and Four Color Fantasies. To enter the auction, click here.
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