College students and recent grads have it especially hard. Many of these young adults not only face a mountain of debt, they also might not have the necessary work skills to compete in this “Hunger Games”-like job market. A new start-up called CollegeFeed, however, is trying to give these kids a leg up.
The year-old site — branded by some as a “LinkedIn for College Kids” — allows users to create a resume-style profile page even with their scant job histories. Users can list subject areas they like, special accomplishments and projects they’ve done, and interesting classes they’ve taken. Once that information is shared, CollegeFeed puts out a personalized news feed similar to Pandora that suggests companies that a job-hunter might have never considered. There’s also a section on interview tips and a place to recap interview experiences to pay it forward to other users.
The aim is to attract employers who are perhaps looking to fill entry-level positions. eBay told the New York Times that they’ve used the site for a couple of promising new hires. Sanjeev Agrawal the site’s co-founder and chief executive said to the Times, “Our goal is to make as many connections as possible between students and employers.”
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