Our nation’s crippling student loan debt, now at a trillion dollars, is holding our country back. And yet, college tuition is still increasing. But what if schools could be more like South Florida’s Broward College that offers $10,000 degrees?
Affordable degrees sometimes carry a stigma. But according to the National Journal, many students who graduate from “cheaper” colleges like Broward are making more than their counterparts at traditional four-year schools. The report, citing a state-mandated study, writes: “Graduates from the Florida College System’s workforce-oriented bachelor’s degree programs earn about $8,000 more the year after graduation than university graduates.”
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Here’s why: At Broward, students learn skills that prepare them for the workplace. “As jobs have become more sophisticated, there’s a greater need for baccalaureate degrees that directly relate to the workforce,” says Linda Howdyshell, provost and senior vice president for academics and student success of Broward College told the publication.
We’re not saying that a large investment in college doesn’t pay off in the long run. It often does. But the reality is, too many graduates and their families are staring down a bottomless pit of loans. Not all of our graduates are getting jobs or are being paid too little in this still recovering economy. This low-cost Florida model shows that when it comes to getting jobs and paying back loans, there are many paths to consider.