Hamilton County, Ohio, is home to Cincinnati and 413 sprawling square miles of diversity and disparity. The county hosts mansions as well as median incomes below the poverty line. But it’s not just about paychecks. The county has a health disparity problem and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital is dedicated to solving it. Hospital leaders have made it their mission to look beyond children’s medical care to improve children’s overall health. Asthma is a key issue: kids in poorer areas are 88 times more likely to be admitted for emergency treatment. After investing some time in home visits to investigate the causes, hospital staff found that poor housing quality, cockroach infestation, and water damage were behind many of these health emergencies. And because many families in the county are living without Medicaid, Dr. Mona Mansour, along with other physicians, built a new system of care to help all area kids. They’ve partnered with the Cincinnati Health Department to organize home inspections and build connections to legal aid so families get support in dealing with their landlords. The 130-year-old hospital is proving to be an incredible modern leader in health innovation.