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The NationSwell Council (NSC) is a membership community of service-minded leaders. Kindly complete and submit the following form to express your interest in joining the NSC.

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Whom do we support as members?

We exist to support people who have achieved great things in their respective fields and share an authentic passion for service, taking action around solutions, and supporting each other as part of a shared community committed to moving our country forward.

What does membership entail?

  • The experience centers around providing personal support and value for your work, life and service.
  • Each member’s engagement is curated by a dedicated member of our NationSwell Community Team to drive progress towards your personal and professional goals.
  • Member benefits include access to programming (130+ events annually in New York City, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston, Houston, and Austin), our NYC Clubhouse, and more.
  • Our model is operationalized through a standard annual membership contribution – members opt-in whenever + wherever it resonates, without a formal time commitment.

What is your community composition?


Total Members


Gender Party


C Suite, Founder or Partner Level


U.S. Cities


Age Range Median: 45

• Race & ethnicity proportional to national average
• Representation from both sides of political aisle
• Industry expertise: business, government, social
entrepreneurship, journalism + academia,
technology, philanthropy

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