Preserving the Environment

Be a Vehicle of Change

June 29, 2017
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We're on the search for innovators and entrepreneurs who are rolling up their sleeves and working on the most important environmental issues of our time

Toyota is committed to realizing sustainable development together with society, and to do that, they’ve created the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050. By 2050, Toyota has pledged to go beyond a zero environmental impact, achieve a net positive impact, and has set six initiatives to get them there.  

In partnership with Toyota, NationSwell’s “Be a Vehicle of Change” contest will highlight and empower the innovators and entrepreneurs who are working on the most pressing environmental issues of our time.

3 Vehicle of Change winners will receive:

  • A 3- to 5-minute video about their work, made by NationSwell story producers
  • Grant money to do more good: $25,000 for the first place winner; $15,000 for the second place winner and $10,000 for the third place winner
  • Social media promotion and content sharing with industry influencers

7 runners-up will also each be featured in a 500- to 750-word article showcasing their work.

In 2015, Toyota introduced the Mirai, a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. It’s one of the world’s first mass-produced, hydrogen fuel cell, electric vehicles. It competes with traditional vehicles – but uses no gasoline. Instead, the Mirai creates electricity and emits nothing but water vapor. The Mirai is a Vehicle of Change that will help change the future of the mobility.  

Nominations for the Vehicle of Change contest have ended. Check back here to see the #VehicleOfChange winners announced Friday, October 27.

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Learn more about the Mirai, Toyota’s Vehicle of Change.