Allan Law distributes sandwiches from the back of his minivan, which displays the words "Love One Another"

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Allan Law Handed Out 520,000 Sandwiches on the Streets of Minneapolis Last Year

Not even the bitter cold weather deters this man from his mission to help the hungry.

Allan Law is on a mission to feed hungry people in his city, one sandwich at a time. The retired schoolteacher has spent the last 14 years making and delivering sandwiches, along with other essential supplies, to the homeless and hungry on the streets of Minneapolis. Law works the night shift, leaving his home (a tiny apartment filled with refrigerators) around 8 p.m., returning at noon the following day.

“He is a rolling, problem-solving care center on wheels” says Steven Aase, who works with Law at his non-profit Minneapolis Recreation Development Inc.

Law estimates that he gave out 520,000 sandwiches last year.

Watch Law’s story here, and check out the feature film The Starfish Throwers, in which he is featured alongside two others whose individual efforts to feed the poor are igniting a movement in the fight against hunger.

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