A Listening Tour

Third Sector Capital taps the NSC community to learn how to optimize government funding

January 28, 2019
BY Faiza Chowdhury
A Listening Tour

With $360 million government resources deployed, $40 million private funding raised, and 40 communities impacted across the country, Third Sector Capital is a beacon for implementing smart social impact. The company is a leading advisory firm with a passion for making government dollars work smarter, harder, and ultimately better by using contract and finance incentives to align diverse funding streams with social impact communities across the country.

The best part — the company is just getting started.

The NationSwell Council is here to help – and has sponsored the Third Sector Capital’s cross-country listening tour.

Kicking off this past July, the company’s CEO, Caroline Whistler, has been meeting with Council members across the nation to brainstorm and synthesize solutions on how to catapult Third Sector Capital’s work to the next level.

The best part — we’re just getting started

In LA, Caroline spoke with members, including Director of LA Department of Mental Health, Jon Shernin, and VP of Programs at First 5 LA, Christina Almayer. Many in the room shared their own challenges and successes with handling government funding, and the group came away with ideas focused on people, processes, and systems to further enhance Caroline’s and her team’s work.

In NYC, Caroline met with a wide array of members like CEO of Charter Impact Fund, Anand Kesavan, and ED of the KIOO Project, Babita Patel. The group provided specific suggestions including reorienting incentives to achieve better outcomes, building out shared databases to make better informed decisions and to create feedback loops. Participants weren’t afraid of thinking big picture, recommending Caroline to create Third Sector’s “Ice Bucket Challenge” moment to get the general public behind it’s work.

It’s safe to say that between the two coasts, Caroline and the NSC covered a lot of ground. We’re looking forward to the third installment in this series, which will engage our community in Houston. Check back soon for updates!