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Our Challenge

Americans are living longer than ever – in countries aging best, half of 10-year-olds today may live to be 104 – but our beliefs on aging are outdated. AARP wants to transition Millennial Americans from understanding life to be a 3-stage process to a multi-stage process, and reimagine aging as empowered longevity.

Our Insight

NationSwell comments on the “macro” issues impacting America through the “micro” story of an individual who is tackling the issue head-on. Our focus is on solutions – not problems – because it’s the best way to improve lives and strengthen communities.

We knew that our audience of 175M relies on NationSwell for coverage of the the spitfire problem-solvers and change-makers who reject the status quo — particularly around bias and limitations. We created a program that gave AARP the platform, access to our Millennial audience, and our experience to confront age bias and encourage adoption of new behaviors.

Our Idea

We knew that a multimedia storytelling series was the way to #DisruptAging and inspire our audience. Creatives and journalists from the NationSwell Studio worked with AARP to develop the campaign strategy and approach. We launched a program to generate awareness, visibility, and engagement around the “100-Year Life” by engaging with NationSwell’s Millennial audience through the creation and distribution of shareable, educational content on social media. As we moved audiences through our engagement cycle, we created online and offline moments for them to learn more, adopt ideologies, and take action in their private lives.

Our work existed across two channels: NationSwell.com — our digital arm that publishes to an audience of 175 million; and the NationSwell Council — a membership community of America’s most influential minds in business, media, tech, government and the arts who are focused on advancing social impact.

Our Work

We created a 3-Phase campaign that stretched over a period of 4 months. Each campaign phase was designed to strategically move audiences through an engagement cycle, beginning with awareness, and moving them to affinity, familiarity and education. 37 pieces of creative content brought our strategy to life, ranging from short-form social videos, still photography, “As Told To” essays, animation, infographics, animated GIFs and feature stories to share the story of the 100-Year Life. Each story unit was designed to mobilize audiences to adopt the 100-Year Life model into their own lives.

We wanted to #DisruptAging online and offline, so we extended our 100-Year Life work to include live event integration. NationSwell hosted a 100-Year Life talk at the 2017 NationSwell Summit. This put the 100-Year Life and AARP in front of an audience that included the NationSwell Council (a membership community of the nation’s most influential minds in business, media, tech, social impact, government, and the arts).


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