Wealth Inequality in America

7 Unforgettable Videos That Moved America Forward in 2013

These videos got us thinking about some difficult questions. Maybe 2014 has the answers.

Last week, YouTube released its list of the most viral videos of 2013, with music videos by Psy and Miley Cyrus topping the list. But those videos don’t offer innovative solutions for American improvement. So we here at NationSwell decided to make our own list. Here are the best viral videos of the year that — while they may not have garnered the most hits — got us thinking about some complex questions about our country and our future.

1. Why is there so much inequality in America?

2. Why are heath care costs so high?

3. Can we get the homeless on their feet again?

4. Can we bring real food back to the people?

5. How do we get more girls interested in STEM fields?

6. Can we change the stigma surrounding disabilities?

7. Can we make our government work better?

Juan Forrer writes for NationSwell.